“Born in 1961, my path to western art was obvious to me even as a child. My grandfather, an avid collector of significant western art, had owned Wyoming’s famous Two Dot Ranch during the heyday of large ranching operations. Family stories of cowboy life, as well as contact with my grandfather’s collection of Bierstadts, Russells and Morans, left an early and lasting impression on me. Trained as an illustrator at Utah State University, I dedicated myself to fine art in 1991. Since that time, my oil paintings have been featured in numerous well-known art shows. My work hangs in collections throughout the US and abroad. Painting is a fascinating and endless exploration for me. The constant change of light and color prove to be the challenge and enjoyment of every piece. It’s been said that the perception of color is subjective, with every individual experiencing it in a different way. As I transfer my interpretation of light and color to the canvas, I hope that the viewer will enjoy his or her own visual and emotional connection to the piece. This collection was born out of the love I have for the people, places, and animals of Wyoming. I have attempted to capture both the intimacy and grandeur of the area encompassing the Bighorn Mountains.

Bruce Graham