The hand that paints a Doug Hall canvass is the same hand that shoes horses, shoots a flint lock rifle and builds log cabins.  Reared in the Ozark hills of southwest Missouri, the school bell could not compete with the call of all outdoors and the Indians, hunters and trappers he read about. Finally Doug twigged onto the idea he was meant to be a painter. He could paint the Indians and explorers into his own personal classroom and that is what he has done with great alacrity and skilled illumination.

“These proud and aged warriors with their scalp locks and deer-hair roaches have sat around many a campfire together. Now they meet again in the deep forests of their youth sharing tales of war and hunting parties. Trade-silver earrings, deer-skin leggings and moccasins are clues to the lives they have lived. One wears a victory coat and they are armed with their muskets.

Doug Hall about Warrior Council