Jim Jackson makes a living as a fine artist, selling paintings and drawings out of his studio, The Brinton Museum, and several other galleries in Wyoming and Colorado. He also designs and constructs fine leatherwork for the Brinton Museum in their leather workshop.

While attending University of Wyoming (MFA), where he taught design classes (Comprehensive Design Program) and worked as Curator of Exhibits in the University Art Museum, he received a scholarship and traveled to Europe for months of study. Upon returning to the States, he continued his career as an artist in Denver, Colorado, and sold his paintings through the Kyle Belding Gallery, one of Denver’s finest galleries. During this time, he completed a large award winning (15′ x BS’ foot) mural at the Symphony Towers Complex in San Diego among many other com missioned works and paintings.

Throughout Jim’s career, he also developed his expertise as a leather craftsman. For many years he built custom work for King’s Saddlery in Sheridan, Wyoming. The leatherwork he creates is recognized by it’s free-flowing complex design, delicate flowers and intricate swirls.

He has combined the experience of many years in a well-respected saddle shop with an extensive background in the fine art s, to create works that hold the essence of the rich western culture found in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado and Wyoming. He taught leather carving and design workshops at the “Gathering of The Masters workshops in Sheridan, Wyoming; the

Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles, California; the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia; and most recently in Tokyo, Nara, and Kyoto Japan.

“While composing “Harmonies Gift” my memory brought back the sounds that I experienced during the Crow dancing.  In defining the volume of contrast between values (light and dark), subtle complementary colors were introduced to heighten the harmony.  The loose motion and flowing application struck a chord, helping to enhance the narrative.  It’s like the young girl arranging the bright spiritual feathers on her head; seeking to find just the right arrangement….a touch that sings of her ancestor’s souls.

James F. Jackson about "Harmonies Gift"