“I was born (1953) in the St. Louis area, stayed till college (U. of Tulsa) when I bolted through the gateway to the west and never looked back.  I moved to Wyoming in 1974, managed several ranches all over the west- maintaining an art studio for the whole ride.  Presently, my husband, Sid, and I manage a ranch on the northeast border to Yellowstone National Park.  There is clear and passionate influence in my work from this ranch and the surrounding world of Wyoming.  This is my second year at the Brinton Small Works Show, and I am represented/showing in Trailside Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming, and Gerald Peters Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Jenny Reeves Johnson

“I want to jump up and down, screaming how important the integrity is for wildlife migration routes used by many western wildlife species.  I have learned and witnessed how Mule Deer herd health can be determined by the quality of land in their twice-yearly migrations.  The deer represented in my piece, “Transboundary Native”, are from deer families using the ranch for several generations en route between summer and winter range.

Jenny Reeves Johnson about "Transboundary Native"

“Magpies.  Corvids.  Yearly, another story from these birds makes its way to at least one of my pieces.  They are always typecast into an inventive role which befits their genius and predisposition for comedic antics.   Never lazy, Magpies are resourceful with their moment.

Jenny Reeves Johnson about "Messing with the System"

“A patch of peace, a starry night, never a chance to take more than one deep breath… a dark form approaches!

Jenny Reeves Johnson about "Soft Bedding Will Have To Wait"