Linda Raynolds grew up overseas, exposed to many cultures and artistic traditions. Her first and greatest love in life is Nature, and especially animals. Her artwork depicts animals, or human-animal relationships. She has had the good fortune to study with Robin Spry Campbell, Sidney Simon, and Eugene Daub. She shares her life in Cody Wyoming with photographer husband Elijah Cobb, two or three horses, many chickens, and the Mule Deer.

“Little Fawn is in appreciation of all the Mule Deer fawns that have been born or grew up in our yard in Cody. We watch the pregnant moms, hoping one will stay on our property to give birth. “Our” fawns grow up curious, not fearful of human activities. They are particularly interested in the chickens, who return that curiosity with investigations of their own. Yes, we have to cage our lilacs, but it’s well worth it. I’m filled with admiration for this disappearing species who has found a refuge in urban settings. But as Cody grows, and the larger properties get subdivided, this last scrap of deer habitat will soon be gone.

Linda Raynolds about "Little Fawn"