“My art reflects my deep passion for the Landscapes of the American West. My hope is that the artistic qualities represented in the traditions of American artists such as the Taos Society of Artists, Maynard Dixon, American Impressionists, Contemporary Denver and Taos Artists, Native Americans and Hispanic Americans are also echoed in my work. I was born and raised in the shadows of the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Through the years while searching for landscape subject matter, I have realized there are many similarities throughout the American West. I consider them icons, for example, I love the deep blue of the vaulting sky, clouds that float and dance, rabbit brush, chamisa, pinon, pine, juniper and sage, the willows that line the stream banks, the granite in the mountain ranges, quaking aspens and the endless seas of grasses, dry arroyos and the light that glows in them are all subjects for my ever exploring eyes. I strive to represent landscapes that have a timeless appeal to them. I want my emotion and love of the land I feel to come through in the surface textures of the art. The colors, patterns and light of the western landscape inspire and guide my work. It is the simple glimpses into nature that move me to create. My love and passion for the arts began in New Mexico many years ago. Vivid memories from my youth of traveling around the American West with my family in a Rambler ¬†station wagon, gazing out the window from the moving vehicle and looking at and being captivated and moved by the passing landscape and¬† all the while learning the art of looking. I found a dignity in nature and a path in the arts to follow.

Lorenzo Chavez