Mark Kohler is an award-winning watercolorist; the recipient of the Cowboy Artists of America Founders Award and the Phippen Museum Foundation Award.  “I want to document the independent spirit, pride, and vision of the American West. We have a rich and unique history, and it is worthy of preservation.”

Mark’s work is in private and corporate collections across our nation, and his collectors can be found in countries throughout the world.  He has been featured in Southwest Art, Western Art Collector, Art of the West, Western Art Collector, Western Horsemna, Art & Architecture, and various other publicationsHe has self-published a coffee-table book, titled Mark Kohler: Working Cowboys, and his work has illustrated a cowboy cookbook, titled Cow Country Cooking, which was awarded the Will Rogers 2011 Medallion Award for “Best Cookbook”.  His new coffee-table book, titled Going West, was released in late 2016.

“I use the medium of Watercolor to portray contemporary images of the modern American West.  Working from photographs I have taken myself, I paint on a rough, hand-made paper.  I use big, broad color washes, using mostly wet-into-wet techniques.  I then tighten up the forms using dry brush to complete the details.  By employing the bold use of color and painting intricate details, I strive to capture the heart and soul of my subject, and elicit an emotional response from the viewer.  My subject matter may vary, but each is approached with a passion to represent them accurately as a documentarian and an artist.  It is my privilege to chronicle these amazing subjects, and the rewards are beyond measure.

Mark Kohler

“I rolled the dice on good light with a 7-hour drive to Post, Texas that paid huge dividends.   The Tom Butler Memorial Bronc Ride’s final year was spectacular.  This little sorrel stayed  low and drove hard to give this hand a good ride and me a good painting.

Mark Kohler about "Fly By

“Paradise Valley was my destination for a Big Loop Ranch Roping event several years ago. I love painting working horses with nice gear.  This one fit the artistic bill perfectly.

Mark Kohler about "Big Loop Pony"

“While scouring the Park near Soda Butte, looking for fly-fishing images to paint, I stumbled on this big fella, who was moving to shade to sit out the heat of the day.  It’s a blessing to share him with you.

Mark Kohler about "Quiet Dominion"