Self-taught as a photographer, Paula’s fascination with Indian costume and culture began years ago in New Mexico when a friend who lives in Taos Pueblo, his wife, and children, invited Wilcox to one of the Taos Pueblo Community Dances. Since that time, Paula has visited numerous Pueblos in New Mexico where Indian dance is performed. She more recently attended Indian Pow Wows in Sheridan, Cody and Buffalo, as well as Cheyenne dances in Montana and Crow Fair in Garryowen, Montana. Captivated by the splendid regalia of beaded leggings and exquisite belts, magnificent feathers and marvelous fabrics of all colors which lend themselves beautifully to the celebration of American Indian dance, Paula’s color photographs echo the spirit of American Indian culture. It is the amazing mix of color and motion that Wilcox so adeptly captures in her work.
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“I have no formal training, aside from being self-guided. The excitement with each dance and all the colors are a feast for my eyes. I hope to share this with others to bring color and movement to the eyes of the on-looker to lighten their spirit, make them smile with all the magic of the dance!

Paula Wilcox