Growing up on a stock farm in Missouri, Roger Brunk soon came to know the subjects that would dominate his artistic career. Since around the age of four, when he began drawing horses, he has focused primarily on this animal although he also enjoys painting the landscape and wildlife of the West.

Roger says “My Dad was more of a cowman than a farmer. Cattle were his first love and on a place in the Midwest, farming is a necessary part of any livestock operation. I still recall the feelings seeing Dad saddle up his horse and riding off into the west pasture to gather cows and I was too little to help. I wanted to be around horses all the time and began drawing them before I was school age. Those first impressions and experiences were the catalyst that got me started as a dedicated artist of the horse.

As a self-taught artist, Brunk continues to perfect his skill as a draftsman with the pencil and paints primarily in oil. It is through his life experiences growing up around cattle and horses and working on Wyoming ranches that have largely shaped his artistic vision.

“A roan mustang stud stands watch over his small band of mares in the cold shadows of the Pryor Mountain foothills.

Roger Brunk about "The Sentry"

“A palomino stud horse, like an apparition, emerges from the junipers in the glow of the nocturnal light.

Roger Brunk about "Ghost in the Junipers"

“With sagebrush as their only witness, a muscle and guts contest takes place between the bay bucker and the cowboy on his back.

Roger Brunk about "The Bay Bronc"