Whitney Hall’s oils combine the inspiration of the wild Northern Rockies and the intense color of the Southwest. Her bright horses and wildlife are a contemporary take on a traditional subject, using a traditional approach to a contemporary style. In 2011 she received an OPA Regional Award of Excellence and was selected by Southwest Art magazine as of one of “21 Under 31 Artists to Collect Now.” Whitney has participated in many national shows such as the Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale, the Miniatures by the Lake Show at Coeur d’Alene Galleries, the Coors Western Art Club Show, the Russell Art Auction, and the Mountain Oyster Club. She splits her year between Bozeman, Montana and Scottsdale, Arizona, surrounded by the birds and wildlife that inspire her work.

“This trio of paintings uses metal leafing to carefully complement the beautiful colors of the plumage of these three birds of prey. I am fascinated with the role animals and birds have played in folklore and mythology, and so I selected each bird and metallic combination to symbolize a concept. The wise and silvery owl looks to the past, the lively coppery hawk lives in the present, and the majestic golden eagle sees into the future.

Whitney Michelle Hall about her work in The Brinton 101