Stephanie’s art is influenced by her life’s journey through many places and cultures. Formative years were spent with her parents in Hong Kong who were educators at an international school.  Contemporary paintings, sculptures and textiles by Asian artists enriched her childhood home. The delicious cuisines experienced while traveling across Asia, piqued her curiosity about food and land, which led to a career in sustainable agriculture. Stephanie’s agricultural projects took her to Norway and Thailand as well as Minnesota, Wisconsin and Montana. After moving to Wyoming, the vast land and sky inspired her to begin painting and seek a career as a professional fine artist. Stephanie’s art education includes courses at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. She has studied with several nationally recognized professional artists. Stephanie earned a Masters degree in Land Resources from University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a bachelor of arts degree in East Asian Studies from Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. Her work has been exhibited in numerous show throughout Wyoming and Montana. In September she will be an Artist in Residence at The Brinton Museum.