My work is inspired by the visual feast I encounter every time I am outdoors. The variable moods of the seasons and time of day provide endless building blocks for picture making.

In my youth, I filled sketchbooks with drawings and paintings of plants, animals and all things of the natural world that I found inspiring. I could often be found seated beside a marsh or river with a field scope and a sketchpad, studying the forms and rhythms of nature and wildlife. Not much has changed as the basis for all my paintings comes from my time spent outdoors in nature.  Studying wildlife in the landscapes where they live and capturing it in paint to share with others how I see the natural world.

The paintings that result are just a visual diary of my life, borne from the places I travel, and the wildlife and people I encounter there.  Firsthand experience of the subject is at the core of my work, and I create a constant flow of plein-air studies as a result. Many of these stand on their own as works of art, and many are the springboard for more developed and larger works in the studio.

My favorite destinations are in the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest, however I have traveled from the Arctic to the tropics and enjoy the challenge of new lands.