Ann Hanson has been painting the West – as she sees it- for more than 30 years. From Cowboys and Cowgirls to Native Americans, she has a deep love for the Western way of life. “I have a great appreciation of the artwork involved in Western Regalia, whether cowboy or Native American and have focused on capturing it in my artwork along with the people who wear it.”   She attended two years at a community college as an art major where she focused on graphics and technical illustration. Painting is self-taught and is a never-ending research project. Ann tries to challenge herself with each new painting and learn new techniques she can incorporate into her unique style. Ann’s work is in several national shows and her work has been featured in Southwest Art, Art of the West, Western Art Collector, Cowboys and Indians, Horses in Art and Cowgirl Magazines to name a few. Ann’s paintings have graced three Western Horseman covers, the latest being April, 2020.

“I’m having a great time doing what I love. I feel truly blessed”.    Ann Hanson

When I was eight years old, my cousin and I made a pact to become starving artists in Paris.  I’ve never had to starve, never made it to Paris, but the artist thing stuck.

     Every day I look forward to my work and have a great time doing what I love.  Even when I have to make a push for a deadline, it never stops being fun!  With each painting I try to learn something new and push my abilities a little further.  I try to see things with new eyes and make each work have a voice that will speak for itself.  

     One of the artists I admire, William Bouguereau (1825-1905) said these words and I couldn’t say it better.  “Each day I go to my studio full of joy; in the evening when obliged to stop because of darkness I can scarcely wait for the next morning to come… if I cannot give myself to my dear painting I am miserable.’ ”  Ann Hanson