Bernadette Regnier headshotBernadette Regnier grew up on a farm along the front range of the Rocky Mountains near Longmont, Colorado.

Expressing herself through art started at an early age and developed at the University of Northern Colorado where she studied watercolor, acrylic and oil painting and continued while completing a degree in agronomy at Colorado State University studying fiber arts, printmaking and figure drawing.

Regnier’s art reflects the land she has lived and traveled in. As an agronomist she traveled throughout the United States, Canada, Chile, Australia, and Mexico. As a student of art, she visited Great Britain, France, Belgium, Greece, Italy, and China. After working in Colorado, Montana, and Idaho as a full-time agronomist and part-time artist, she now enjoys being a full-time artist and part-time agronomist with a printmaking studio at the Willard Arts Center in Idaho Falls. Regnier’s passion is expressing her love of the earth and all its beings through art.