Sheridan artist Dean States is a graduate of Sheridan College and the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Dean Presents imagery in a unique way through the utilization of forms found in nature and builds them into compositions that are visually different and intriguing to the viewer. He has had many one-man shows in Wyoming and neighboring states. In the past, many of his pictures were selected for inclusion in the Wyoming Traveling Artist Show, and the Wyoming Congressional selection exhibited in Washington, D. C.

Dean has a studio at 637 West Loucks in Sheridan, WY. He also shows his work at The Brinton Museum in Big Horn, WY, Expressions Art Gallery in Sheridan, WY, and Wyoming Art and Frame in Gillette.

I never know what to write about my creative efforts. Should I comment on the years of research, struggle and breakthrough to attain the visual impact I am after? Maybe the layered complexities of color and design required to present a creation that is uniquely mine? The concentration of effort that goes into working in a media that is difficult and demanding, compelling and capable of such a wide range of visual impact! Or my delight and sense of accomplishment when after weeks or months an idea is finally attained as a completed image? Hopefully the range of working with realism, surrealism, expressionism, fantasy and impressionism to leave the viewer in wonderment, wanting to look again and again.

Am I being too idealistic? Will I live long enough to create the perfect picture, or in fact is there even such a thing?

I think all I can do is stumble on, striving ever hopeful.” Dean States