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June 18 @ 9:00 am - June 20 @ 3:00 pm

The Still Life as Personal Metaphor

For as long as the still life has been the subject of secular painting it has served as a reference for the time, culture and individuals of its creation. In this workshop participants will draw from individual still life setups based on a collection of objects that they have chosen as symbolic references to themselves and their time and place. Participants are asked to bring a group of three or four objects that they feel fit that description. Other items may be collected and considered during the workshop.

On the first day, there will be a presentation and discussion of the workshop’s objectives and drawing will begin. Arrive prepared to draw. We will begin each day with a conversation about the preceding day’s drawings. There will be out of class drawing as well as the in-class drawing. Discussion and demonstrations will be made with considerations to the way content and meaning are developed through the interaction of the components of drawing’s visual language: what is drawn (Subject Matter), how it is drawn (Marking System), the way the marks are made in the marking system (Marking Gesture,) the way it is organized (Composition), the devices used (Media and Tools), and the configuration of what it is drawn on (Format.)

The workshop will accommodate drawers of all levels. It is for those who want to start the process of learning to draw or those who want a refresher course in drawing, as well as the advanced drawer who wants to be further engaged.


Supply list: (available at ACE/Ben Franklin, Sheridan or online)

Sketch book: Strathmore 400 series Toned Tan 9”x 12”
Pencils: 2(2H) 2(HB) 2(2B) 1(regular writing pencil with eraser)
Pencil (white charcoal)
Erasers: 1(vinyl) 1(kneaded)
Pencil Sharpener: Small handheld of your choosing
Single edge razor blade: 1
Learning to Draw, Drawing to Learn, by Martin Garhart (optional book) available in Brinton Museum Store

The registration fee for all 3 days: $185 per participant

Please bring a sack lunch (lunch is also available in the Bistro)

Martin John Garhart

Martin John Garhart is an artist, teacher, and author. His works reside in over forty institutions including the British Museum, Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institute, and the Nicolaysen Museum, as well as numerous private collections. He has held Ucross Foundation Artist in Residences (twice), a William Allen White Artist in Residence in Rocky Mountain National Park, a Wyoming Council for the Arts Artist in Residence at Northwest College, and over the past eighteen years his works have consistently been part of annual shows at the Brinton Museum. After teaching basic drawing for more than thirty years, with students like Bill Waterson (Calvin and Hobbs) and Jim Borgman (Zits) and believing that anyone can learn to draw, he has written a book based on that belief, DRAWING TO LEARN, LEARNING TO DRAW.
He is a Professor of Art Emeritus from Kenyon College, in Gambier Ohio, where he taught Studio Art for thirty-one years. After retiring from Kenyon he followed Cynthia’s (his partner) career and returned to the West where she is a therapist and teaches Qigong. He now splits his time between his studio in Powell, WY and his cabin/studio in the Black Hills.
His work can be viewed on his website: martingarhart.com