Born in LJoseph Mendezugo, Galicia, Spain Joseph Mendez studied art in Cuba under various artists and became a successful commercial artist, moved to Peru when Castro took power, then a year later entered the United States. He studied with Russian Impressionist Sergei Bongart for ten years. His method of painting is based on direct visual perception – an emotion. Joseph paints more than one subject, be it a person, a landscape, or simply a bunch of flowers, as diversification has always been of great interest to him. He has taught at the Otis Art Institute and the Businessman’s Art Institute and currently teaches privately from his studio. Joseph has won top awards from many leading exhibitions and is currently a signature member of the California Art Club, the Plein-Air Painters of America and the Oil Painters of America.

Education: Famous Artists Schools, Westport, CTJoseph Mendez
Sergei Bongart School of Art, Scholarship Student, Santa Monica, CA

National Affiliations:
Plein Aire Painters of America, Signature Member
Northwest Rendevouz of Art (NWR), Signature Member

“I paint on direct visual perception, an emotion. If I don’t get that emotion while painting, it hinders my ability to communicate to the viewer. That’s why I try not to reason while painting, I just paint.” I like to paint more than one subject, be it people, landscape, cityscapes or a bunch of flowers. I paint what attracts me. There have been many artists known primarily for their work on a particular subject matter. Diversification has been of great interest to me. Capturing the beauty of nature and the play of light on the motifs are my main goals. By diversifying my subjects, I become a master of none, so in essence, I am an eternal subject. In pursuit of seeking my “truth” I encounter many difficulties. I may never reach the plateau of perfection, but as an artist I must constantly strive for it. Painting is never easy, but I’m certainly enjoying the trip!

Joseph Mendez