Color photo of Julie Jeppsen wearing a blue button down shirt and white pants with a thick brown belt while holding a white hat and gazing up

Artist Julie Jeppsen is known for her paintings combining realism with an atmosphere of wild animals and sporting dogs in landscape.  Julie is a self-taught artist, whose subject matter is a wide range of animals and western.  In an article from Art of the West magazine, Julie stated that she hikes into the wilderness to see her subjects on “their home-turf.” Painting animals in their natural habitat has helped Julie learn her subject’s personality. Julie’s art talent came from her mother and her love for the outdoors from her father. Growing up on ranches in Wyoming and Utah, Julie experienced the beauties of nature first hand.  “Being outdoors inspires me to paint.”

            Not only does Julie create paintings that depict the Wild West, but she lives it when engaging in her hobbies.  As a past time Julie loves to saddle up and ride.  She competes in mounted shooting and participates in wagon trains and trail rides.  All of these adventures only feed her love to paint.