The Brinton Museum (Big Horn, WY) presents Linework to Linen: The Prints and Paintings of Joel Ostlind, an exhibit of intaglios and oil paintings by Wyoming artist Joel Ostlind, opening in the S. K. Johnston, Jr. Family Gallery on June 15th.  Born in Casper (WY) Ostlind is true to his craft of printmaking and painting which have long represented his mediums of choice. The Brinton Museum’s show includes nearly sixty prints and oil paintings by Ostlind from as early as 2004 along with new work and focuses on Joel’s favorite subjects: Wyoming landscapes, ranches, horses, cowboys and fishing. These works evolve from the life he has lived in the West and attest to his honesty as both an artist and an individual.  Linework to Linen: The Prints and Paintings of Joel Ostlind is available to museum visitors through August 4th.

In concert with this exhibition, The Brinton Museum has collaborated with the artist to create a high quality, limited edition book that celebrates the art of etching and letterpress printing. Master Printmaker Jim Jereb, working under the direction of Joel Ostlind, is an integral part of this project. The Brinton is fortunate to have both of these talented artists collaborating together to produce an artistic publication which is a testament to the beauty of the fine art of intaglio.

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