Presented by Linwood Tallbull of the Northern Cheyenne

BIG HORN, Wyo (August 9, 2017) The Brinton Museum will host an enlightening, one-day seminar on Buffalo Culture, presented by Linwood Tallbull of the Northern Cheyenne, in the Jacomien Mars Reception Gallery on Sunday, August 27, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Linwood Tallbull, a resident of Busby, Montana, is a member of a venerated, traditionalist Northern Cheyenne family, and a leader of the Dog Soldier Society, one of four Cheyenne sacred warrior societies. An ethnobotanist and teacher at Chief Dull Knife College in Lame Deer (MT), Linwood is a member of The Brinton Museum’s American Indian Advisory Council, established in 2014. The American Indian Advisory Council provides to the museum invaluable expertise on American Indian life and culture.

Tickets for Sunday’s Buffalo Culture event can be purchased online at, or by calling 307-672-3173 for reservations. A $45 registration fee for TBM members, non-members $50, includes refreshments and an enjoyable lunch provided by the Brinton Bistro.

Often referred to as the “Ever Generous One” by the Plains Indians, the buffalo blessed the Indian peoples in many ways. It provided meat for food, hides for covering tipis and making clothes, bones for tools, and horns for dishes and spoons. The hair of the buffalo was used to make ropes and halters. Linwood Tallbull will discuss in fascinating detail how the Cheyennes depended on the buffalo for survival, as well as talk about the sacredness of the buffalo in Cheyenne culture.

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