2018 Winner of the NWR President’s Award for Sculpture “SPIRIT BROTHERS”

RosettaWell known for capturing the essence of the cat in her feline sculptures, Rosetta’s subjects also include other creatures whose unique form and personality fascinate her. Her interpretive realism captures the animals’ form, but it is their life force in all of its visual splendor, rather than their realistic physical form, that inspires her stylized interpretations.

Rosetta’s art training came from the University of Delaware, Art Center College of Design in L.A. and a career in graphic design. Her work ranges from miniature to monumental and has been exhibited nationally and internationally in museums and galleries, and in juried and invitational exhibitions. A Fellow of the National Sculpture Society and member of the Society of Animal Artists, American Woman Artists and Northwest Rendezvous Group, Rosetta has won awards from these organizations and many others, and her monumental sculptures have been purchased for museum, public art and corporate and private collections.

“An old fence post makes the perfect vantage point for this elegant feline to survey her territory. The cat in this sculpture was based on a photo I took of my Maine Coon kitty though she wasn’t on a fence post at the time. This was my “Quick Draw” piece for the 2017 Bighorn Rendezvous. I had it well along before the event because I can’t create a sculpture in three hours that will achieve the quality and finish I require for my work. Speed is not one of my talents.

Rosetta about "On The Fence"