T. Allen Lawson, South Thomaston Church, oil, 32 x 36, private collection

THE BRINTON MUSEUM (Big Horn, WY) presents an exhibit of paintings by the award-winning Wyoming artist T. Allen Lawson, on display in the S. K. Johnston, Jr. Family Gallery beginning May 15th, and continuing through Labor Day.

If it was merely a show of Western art by an American Western artist, it would be interesting. However, “Recollections and Reflections” is part retrospective, part new work, by a nationally recognized, highly- talented contemporary artist of the region, which is more than a passing compliment. Currently, Lawson splits his time between the family farm in Maine and the rest of the year in Sheridan. Both give him a unique balance, a means by which to make an emotional connection between a subject and art. As Tim has said in his own words, moving between Maine and Wyoming offers him a “different perspective.” It’s sometimes the mundane, (if one perceives it this way), the reflection of light on the side of a barn or the seemingly insignificance of winter’s snow melting into little pools of water in an alleyway that Lawson brings to life in his paintings; he brings the beauty of such things to life in a way that is simple, direct and beautifully painted.

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