After much lamenting that there wasn’t a videographer around in my grandfather’s day to record the “bigger-than-life” characters of that time, it slowly dawned on me that quite possibly, with a little looking about, I would find the most amazing artists gathered around the Bighorn Mountains here-and-now. And that they would be quite able and willing to tell their own story. That was how it started … Then I decided that I wanted them at their most candid and unstudied, so the interviews could emerge as an intimate glimpse into their artistic life. So here are my ‘unvarnished portraits.’ I hope you enjoy them.” Beverly Kleiber

When my dear friend Beverly Kleiber emailed me with one of her brilliant ideas back in the fall of 2017, it seemed simple enough. ‘Ken, can you make a list of say 10 living artists that have been important to The Brinton Museum and art in the area like my grandfather (Hans Kleiber) was? I want to interview them for posterity and your archives.’ After much cogitating I started my list, then asked Beverly if I could expand it beyond 10 and was gladly granted permission to do so, hence we now have 21 of Beverly’s interviews you can view here.

Ken Schuster

Director & Chief Curator

We will release videos weekly. Please check back!

Chessney Sevier

Chessney Sevier headshotPlein air & Equine Painter & Etcher Chessney Sevier

Chessney discusses creating study sketches that lead to larger finished pieces, the inspiration for her wildlife art and etchings, and how her rodeo heritage has shaped her work.

Sonja Caywood

Head-shot of artist Sonja CaywoodPlein air painter, Sonja Caywood
Sonja Caywood discusses how and why she began painting cows, and what distinguishes her from other animal painters.

Dianne Wyatt

Photo of Diane WyattPastel Painter, Dianne Wyatt

Dianne talks about her choosing pastel as a medium, painting with friends, landscapes, and abstract pieces.

Dean States

Photo of dean statesPencil Painter, Dean States

Dean discusses his fencepost series, symbolism in nature, and surreal works.

Mary Jane Edwards

Photo of artists Mary Jane EdwardsMultimedia sculptor, Mary Jane Edwards

Mary Jane describes the creative process and how her life experiences have affected her art.

Paul Waldum

Paul Waldum photoPlein air painter and serigrapher, Paul Waldum

Paul discusses learning the art of printing serigraphy and plein air painting

Connie Robinson

Photo of artist Connie RobinsonRepresentational Painter, Connie Robinson

Connie describes her enthusiasm for bringing nature to others through her work.

Elaine Henry

Photo of Elaine HenryCeramist, Elaine Henry

Elaine discusses the inspiration for her “Traveling Cup” pieces, the results of firing in kilns across the country, and how tai chi has influenced her work.

Tim Lawson

Tim Lawson Still PhotoRealist Painter, Tim Lawson

Tim explains the process of deciding what to paint, creating the life-size “Black Angus” piece, and what he learned during his visits to Russia and Spain.

Arin Waddell

Photo of artist Arin WaddellConceptual Artist, Arin Waddell

“A critical thinker whose work transcends the conventions of what one thinks of as Western art. However, I believe her imagery conveys a very real, yet whimsical, sense of the contemporary Western experience.” Ken Schuster, Brinton Museum Director and Chief Curator

Alice Fuller

Artist Alice FullerDelightful and fun-loving Alice Fuller describes how her family history and upbringing influence her art.

Dainis Hazners

Photo of Dainis Hazners taking a picture

This video features Powder River Basin photographer, Dainis Hazners. His narration is quite lovely and poetic.

Adam Jahiel Interview

Photo of photographer Adam JahielAdam Jahiel, a brilliant photographer who makes his home in Story, Wyoming. Adam has worked in the motion picture industry, as a corporate photographer, and as a photojournalist, most notably on the 1987 Titanic expedition. His work has appeared in dozens of books and most major publications.

Neltje Interview

Photo of artist, NeltjeNeltje is best categorized as an abstract expressionist. Her work comes in all sizes, from room-sized canvases to small vignettes. But there is much more to this amazing woman than just her art. She had the vision to create The Jentel Foundation where artists from around the country can stay and work. She has supported many organizations in the Sheridan area helping to improve our overall quality of life. Many people know her for saving the historic Sheridan Inn from destruction over 50 years ago.

Joel Ostlind Interview

Headshot of artist Joel OstlindJoel Ostlind is a familiar name around Big Horn, Wyoming, and much of the mountain west. His etchings and paintings of cowboys, horses, fly-fishermen, western landscape, and often run-down ranch buildings epitomize life in Wyoming. Self-taught, Joel’s work has blossomed over the years and he’s recognized as one of Wyoming’s exceptional artists.

Bunny Connell

Bunny Connell sculpting a life sized mooseBunny Connell is an internationally-known wildlife and equine sculptor from Big Horn, Wyoming. Her widely collected works of African animals, North American wildlife, and horses grace many fine galleries, homes, and museums. Many of her pieces are innovative in how the animals are displayed and positioned. We are thrilled to be able to present the art of this very talented sculptor.


James F. Jackson

photo of artist and leather carver Jim JacskonJames F. Jackson is well-known to folks in the world of leather work. Having worked at King’s Saddlery for a number years, Jim now makes his home at the Quarter Circle A Leather Workshop at The Brinton Museum. Less known about Jim is that he is also an exceptional painter, often combining his painting talent with his leather carving. A modest man, Jim is the recipient of many rewards honoring his talent and contributions to the world of leather carving.

Beverly Kleiber

Photo of Beverly KleiberBeverly Kleiber’s remarkable artistic career is as cerebral and vivacious as the astonishing woman herself. We are privileged to be the recipients of her largesse in terms of her grandfather’s archives and artwork, but also as creative director and producer of this series of videos archiving the outstanding artists who have made living along the Bighorns such an enriching experience. She is a credit to the Kleiber name.

Mary Burgess

Color photo of Artist Mary BurgessMary had a long and event-filled life, one that novels are written about, and, in fact, she did write a book about her experiences called ‘Both Sides of the Canvas’. She also graced us with some fabulous art.

David McDougall

David McDougall painting of an art studioDavid McDougall, is a warm-hearted, free-spirited Artist. He has a wonderful acceptance and interest in all aspects of the creative process. His most recent works of the past few years reflect a playfulness and joy.

Bob Barlow

Photo of Bob barlowBob has been a mainstay of the Wyoming artist community for well over 50 years. He has served on and chaired the Wyoming Arts Council, helped build the impressive art collection held by the Campbell County Public Library in his hometown of Gillette, and had a successful art career.