The Brinton Museum (Big Horn, WY) presents The Spiritual Nature of Earth, Hide and Metal, a collaborative invitational exhibition showcasing nationally and internationally known artists Jody Folwell, Susan Folwell, James F. Jackson and JhonDuane Goes In Center, working in the mediums of clay, leather and metal. This exhibit opens in the Jacomien Mars Reception Gallery on May 12 and continues through Labor Day, September 2.  The inspiration for this show materialized out of a desire to highlight four talented artists invited to work individually and together to create pieces that speak to the spiritual nature of their art. The Brinton’s show represents the first time these artists have joined forces to share their artistic ideas and materials with each other. The Spiritual Nature of Earth, Hide and Metal includes a blend of traditional and avant-garde styles found in both Santa Clara potters Jody Folwell’s and Susan Folwell’s ceramic art, intricately tooled leather vessels by Jim Jackson from Sheridan (WY) and exquisite American Indian personal adornment pieces by Lakota artist JhonDuane Goes In Center. Jackson worked in concert with the Folwells to create tooled leather handles for some of their pieces.  JohnDuane Goes In Center provided engraved silver conchos that Jackson incorporated into some of his tooled vessels, each piece in the exhibition is definitively unique. Jackson and Goes In Center also worked together on an exquisite, unique Lakota ceremonial belt.

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