Tom BrowningBorn in Ontario, Oregon in 1949, Tom Browning has been painting professionally since 1972. Starting out with western and wildlife as a choice of subject matter, Tom has had a multifaceted career that has provided many incredible paintings of many different subjects and mediums. But his love of the West has always been his biggest inspiration that has kept the western theme alive on his easel. Now working primarily in oils, Browning feels he is creating his strongest and most meaningful work.

Browning has been a member of NWR since 1985 and has won numerous judges awards. In 2009 Browning won the prestigious Prix de West Award at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City. And after being elected to the CAA later that same year, he said, “2009 was a big year, but I really look forward to the camaraderie of the group and hanging along with the best artists in western art.”

Tom and his wife Joyce make their home in Brasada Ranch in Central Oregon where the beauty of the high desert inspires many backdrops for his paintings.