2017 Winner of NWR President’s Award for “MOONSHINE”

In a career spanning 40 plus years, the paintings of Tom Saubert focus on the representation of the Western Genre, its people and history, with an emphasis on historical accuracy.  With a breadth of professional experience from college educator to Disney instructor Tom’s work possesses all the attributes of truth in subject, dress, and location, yet still artistically introspective of the human condition.  He is a dedicated historian, a story teller whose work transports you to a moment in time, a place and people, past and present.  Tom has participated in several prestigious invitational shows including the Master of the American West at the Autry National Center, and over the course of his career he has received several awards for merit.  He has been a member of the Rendezvous Group of Artists since 2000.  A Montana native, he works from his studio outside Kalispell, MT.

“For my entire professional career as an artist my working method as a painter has included doing the required research for authenticating a particular theme and time period, after which a model session is put together to recreate that moment in history.  Whether working on contemporary themes or historical subject matter, it entails traveling to a location that suits the theme and time period being depicted and using the actual people who live that theme.  The same method is used when doing western historical themes, where American Indian friends provide the models needed to give life and personality to the painting.  The correct costume, tools, weapons, horses, tack, lodges, and anything else needed to give the subject accuracy and visual life is also integral to this process.  It is a lot of work but has proved to be a marvelous way for getting actual experience and interaction with the subject, providing true inspiration and uncommon insight for the painting process.

Tom Saubert