My work expresses something felt but inexplicable. The creative process grants the time to search for meaning and fulfills a curious need to occupy the days and mind. This history is recorded in the plastic memory of the clay. My work derives from ancient and primitive artifacts, tools, ritualistic objects and weapons. They reflect a solemn and elegant  quality, a timeless mysticism and awe that certain rocks, bones and ruins share. Like the meditative process, they are both fragile and precious. Chance, repetition, and reaction to occurrences inform the evolution of the work. Earth, water, air, fire, thought and time combine to create a simple but complex object. This is a magical paradox that entices the search further into the distance.

Mike Olson lived and traveled all over the world before he came to Wyoming in 1992 after an Honorable Discharge from the military. He received multiple degrees from Casper College, holds a BFA from University of North Dakota and an MFA from Wichita State University. He has taught ceramics at CC full time since 2005 and has been a ceramicist for over 30 years. Mike is an active professional artist represented full time in several galleries locally, in-state and nationally.

Michael Olson