“The Brinton Museum has enjoyed a long history of support, membership and volunteerism to sustain and expand its vision throughout the years. We couldn’t do this without the help of so many who share our love for the arts, history, nature and the American West.

Barbara Schuster

Director of Development

A History of Patronage

To preserve her brother Bradford’s diverse collections and the historic ranch, Helen Brinton established a trust to ensure that his legacy could be enjoyed by all for many years to come. It became effective in 1960 upon her death, and the Bradford Brinton Memorial opened to the public in June of 1961.

In 2012, The Brinton Museum secured its future by forming a new non-profit that allowed for expansion of the original Brinton mission and vision, and broader community support, acquisition of new art, and facility expansion. Through dedicated members, annual donors, capital campaign supporters, volunteers and foundation grants, The Brinton Museum is preserving the legacy of the Bradford Brinton Memorial and the Quarter Circle A Ranch so that it may be enjoyed by the public well into the future.

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“  The Brinton has always been, for me, about dreams and possibilities. On my visits there when I was young, I would form fairy tale thoughts about living in such a beautiful place. The Brinton helped form my love of books and art. It is a ‘truth of place’ and spirit that makes the Brinton not about grandeur or importance; it is about understanding an elegant world simply by cherishing what matters. 

Kendall Hartman

National Advisory Council