“What an amazing field trip you organized for us! Every school in the area should be visiting you!

Annette Graham

5th – 6th grade teacher Clearmont Elementary School

General Support Materials

The Museum partners with local and regional educators to facilitate meaningful school visits to experience and learn about the multi-faceted and diverse collections of The Brinton Museum.

Two young visitors in the Western Art Gallery appreciating Winold Reiss Blackfeet Indian portraits.
Two young visitors in the Western Art Gallery appreciating Winold Reiss Blackfeet Indian portraits.

Below please find three sample lesson plans designed by the Museum’s Education Department, aligned with Wyoming State Department of Education Standards and Benchmarks.

•  Visual Art Class, grades 9-12, including art studio project. Artists included are Winold Reiss, Frank Tenney Johnson and Frederic Remington.

•  U.S. Government Class, grades 10-12, based on a letter by Abraham Lincoln promoting the retention of the Electoral College. The original letter is on display at the museum.

•  Art/Social Studies Class, grades 4-6, exploring Plains Indians life and culture through original art and artifacts on display in “To Honor The Plains Nations” exhibition in the American Indian Gallery.

For questions, more information, or lesson plans, please contact Barbara McNab, Curator of Exhibitions & Museum Education.

Smithsonian Museum Day Live! Resources

This year, Museum Day Live!  features special interactive STEM lesson plans created by Smithsonian in partnership with Microsoft using Minecraft: Education Edition. Please click on this link for more information on how to utilize the Smithsonian material based lesson plans to enhance the Museum Day Live! experience! Or check out the PDFs of the activities below:

CATEGORIES: Culture, Art, Science, History
AGES: Primary (5 – 8 years old), Intermediate (9 – 12 years old), Middle School (12 – 15 years old)
OBJECTIVE: Plan your own “Museum of Me”

THE UNIVERSE: An Introduction PDF
AGES: Intermediate (9 – 12 years old), Middle School (12 – 15 years old)
OBJECTIVE: Explore the observable universe. Think about the size of space and where we fit in.

BUILDING UP, Breaking Down PDF
CATEGORIES: History, Science
AGES: Primary (5 – 8 years old), Intermediate (9 – 12 years old)
OBJECTIVE: Explore how buildings age. Discover how physical breakdown (such as rock fracture), chemical weathering, and pollution are all key ingredients in this discussion of the geology of the built environment.


“Our kids had a super experience viewing all of the wonderful art and Native American items displayed in the museum. Seeing the actual items helped students understand Indian culture better as it corresponded to their reading of Indian tribal life in our social studies text book.

Cheryl Marsh

4th grade social studies, Big Horn Elementary School

“Thank you for the wonderful and informational tour of The Brinton Museum. I have learned so much about art and especially Native Americans, such as the Cheyennes, the Crows and the Nez Perce.

Timber, 6th grader

Clearmont Elementary School