For Artists

Bradford Brinton supported the arts and many artists during his lifetime while assembling the Bradford Brinton Memorial collection which lies at the heart of this institution. The Brinton Museum carries on this commitment by continuing to exhibit and collect outstanding historic and contemporary Western art as well as important American Indian art and artifacts. Please check our calendar, and the individual exhibitions & events pages, for what is on display now and in the near future, and our workshop pages for upcoming artist demonstrations and workshops.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion in a group show or apply for consideration, please check out the artist resources.

For Teachers

The Brinton Museum is, at its heart, an educational institution. If you would like to discuss how to integrate The Brinton Museum into your curriculum, or explore the potential for special student exhibitions, please contact Barbara McNab, Museum Curator & Educator and visit our current exhibition pages as well as the educator resources.

For more information and to request pre-, during, and post-visit materials or to schedule your visit to the museum please call 307-672-3173 or e-mail Barb McNab, Museum Curator & Educator.

“In my opinion, The Brinton Museum is the absolute best local resource for [these future classroom] teachers. A school visit to The Brinton Museum links to both the Common Core Standards and the Wyoming K-12 Content Standards in the Visual Arts, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Earth Sciences.

Vikki Chenette, M.A.Ed.

Adjunct Instructor, Chadron State College