Photo of Beverly SchirmeierOver the years, Beverly Schirmeier has spent a considerable amount of time painting en plein air and creating studio work in New England. Painting outdoors by a pool of water for hours or watching the changes of light filtering across the surface is like meditation to her. It has enabled Beverly to appreciate and to create the feeling of crashing waves or the stillness of water through luminous subtle or vibrant color with a gesture of a stroke of pure pigment. When she was approached to join a group of artists to spend two weeks painting in Wyoming, she jumped at the opportunity.  Being able to be inspired by a new atmosphere with expansive landscapes and skies was an enriching experience.  Whether it is how the light rakes across the mountains at sunset or the quiet stillness by standing next to a river,  the viewer will sense both the tranquility and dynamism of the landscape and the movement in the sky.

Beverly sees the color and light used by the Lyme Impressionists as her inspiration for her oil paintings and pastels. What intrigues her is capturing the movement of light and its effect on the atmosphere.  The pure pastel pigments give Beverly the ability a sense of immediacy in her mark-making as she captures the essence of the landscape. Pastels are the most lightfast mediums and when they are framed under non-glare glass, it is hard to tell the difference from her oil and pastel paintings.

Beverly’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries, public buildings, and in collaboration with other artists and in single-artist shows. Her work resides in numerous collections and can be seen in regional art club shows and various other artistic venues in Connecticut. She has won numerous awards in her career and Best in Show distinctions. Beverly has a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Wayne State University, worked toward her Masters in Fine Art in Italy, and is an Alumni from the Lyme Art Academy. She has continued taking advanced workshops and classes to advance her art talents throughout the years. She holds Elected Artist memberships in the Lyme Art Association, Guilford Art League, Essex Art Association, Academic Artists, Madison, and the Clinton Art Societies. She is a Signature Artist in the Connecticut Pastel Society and the former president of the Madison Art Society, a position she held for 12 years. Currently, she is on the Executive Board of Directors at the Lyme Art Association.