Photo of Ginnie Madsen PrintingI grew up in Chicago, earned a BFA from the University of Chicago, and taught elementary school art in the Chicago area for several years.  The role of wife and mother of three kept me busy for the next 20 years.  I eventually settled in Laramie, Wyoming, and with continued interest in Art, I received a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wyoming.  Upon graduating, I worked for the UW Art Museum for some time and then taught drawing, sculpture, and printmaking classes at UW for 10 years.  I am now retired. I am a printmaker and a painter.

Most of my work in the past years has been made using a subtractive relief printmaking method.  This involves carving an image into a linoleum plate and printing one color at a time. Ideas for the work usually comes from observations or recollections of things I have seen.  Creating a piece somehow gives me a way to hold on to those recollections.”  Ginnie Madsen