Black white photo of Jim JerenJim Jereb holds BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Wyoming.  His work has been exhibited at the Society of Illustrators Exhibition in New York City (1988), and at the International Print Exhibit in Taipei, Taiwan (1983 and 1987).  He participated in The Alice Project, providing a print for a lost chapter of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass (2006), as well as 25 Years of Printmaking, A Retrospective Exhibition at Truman State University Art Gallery (2007).  Noteworthy artists with whom Jereb has worked to produce editions of their works include Frank Stack and Bede Clark, both of Columbia, MO; and Laramie, WY writer and poet Victor Flack.

Honors and awards include Best of Show at the Hand-Pulled Prints International in San Antonio, TX (2011); the Award of Excellence, North Shore Art League, Chicago, IL (2009); First Place at the 21st National Art Competition in Steamboat Springs, CO (2005); Featured Artist at the International Miniprint Triennial at the Lahti Art Museum in Finland (2000); as well as Purchase Awards from the Print Council of New Jersey (2003) and the MOAK 4-State Regional Exhibition in Springfield, MO (1999).  In addition to his artworks, Jereb has also published numerous reviews in professional art journals.

My artworks, small drypoints, have an intimacy often associated with this size of imagery.  These dimensions invite the viewer to close in and appreciate the relationships I build between identifiable elements: people, places, and things.  Combining direct observation, sketchbook notes, and my imagination these contexts create for the audience a connection to my interests.” Jim Jereb