“My Art reflects my deep passion for the Landscape of the American West.  My hope is that the qualities represented in the art traditions of American painters such as the Taos Society of Artists and the American Impressionists are also echoed in my work.

I was born and raised in the southern most point of the Rockies in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Through the years, while searching for meaningful subject matter, I have realized there are many similarities throughout the Rockies. I love the deep blue of the vaulting sky, clouds that float and dance, rabbit brush, chamisa, pinon, pine and juniper, the willows that line the stream banks, the granite in the mountain ranges, aspens and the endless seas of grasses are all subjects for my ever-exploring eyes.  I strive to represent landscapes that have a timeless appeal to them.  I want the emotion I feel to come through in the surface textures of the art.  The colors, textures and light of the western landscape inspire and guide my work.  It is the simple glimpses into nature that move me to create.  Wallace Stegner said it in brevity of words, “A few cottonwoods, the gurgle of water in a creek or ditch, can have as profound effect on me as the grandest view.’ ” Lorenzo Chavez

M Scott Momaday “There is great good in returning to a landscape that has had extraordinary meaning in one’s life. There are certain villages and towns, mountains and plains that having seen them, walk in them, lived in them, even for a day. We keep forever in the mind’s eye. They become indispensable to our well been.  They define us, and we say I am who I am because I have been there”. From the NPS film Remembered Earth.