“Catherine Critcher had a long and fruitful career, but it is her Taos Society work that I believe will best resonate with our visitors here at The Brinton Museum. We are exceedingly grateful to Mr. Toy D. Savage, Jr. for donating four of her paintings to our permanent collection. All four of the oils are now on exhibit in the museum’s second floor hallway.

Kenneth L. Schuster, Director & Chief Curator

Rare Blackfeet War Chief's Shirt and Leggings and complete Apache Woman's Dress and moccasins

Left: Apache Woman’s Dress with Moccasins (not shown), ca. 1850. Right: Blackfeet War Chief’s Shirt and Leggings, ca. 1830.

The rare Blackfeet War Chief’s Shirt and Leggings and the complete Apache Woman’s Dress and moccasins were acquired in 2016.  These two very rare and important American Indian artifacts are now on exhibit in the American Indian Gallery.

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the construction of the casework and mounts by our talented museum staff so that we could properly display and share these important artifacts for all to experience.