Born and raised in Lynchburg, Virginia, my love for art has always been a presence. My early interest in art was instilled by my grandparents, both of whom were collectors of sporting and equestrian art. As I developed as an artist, they turned my attention to the details of accuracy and anatomy. They encouraged me to be knowledgable of my subject and the masters before me.
I took a number of advanced painting and art history classes in high school, then a few basic drawing and design courses before graduating from North Carolina State University. Somehow outfitted with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish, I came to Wyoming to pursue a path that would bring me closer to a career in horsemanship, another of my passions. Over four summers working on the historic Eatons’ dude ranch, I fell in love with Sheridan’s strong horse culture and the Bighorn Mountain scenery that surrounds it, so I moved to call it home in 2015.
By moving to Wyoming, I gained access to the life of my dreams. Wrangling horses in the early morning hours, riding until dusk, exploring the mountains on foot, horseback, on skis or snowshoes, hunting, fishing, and taking in the outdoors has filled my soul over the last eight years. Immersed in an exciting and beautiful landscape, I am continually inspired to draw and paint what I see.
Since 2017, watercolor has become my choice medium, as I found it easiest to travel with and pack into saddle bags and backpacks, or store on long car trips. Most recently, I have begun incorporating illustration techniques into my paintings with ink and gouache. I am happiest in my studio, revisiting my experiences with nature and horses, always dreaming up new ones in the company of my dogs.
I currently serve on the Brinton Museum Gala committee, and am a director of the board at SAGE Community Arts in Sheridan. I have work hanging in a number of Sheridan area galleries, including Expressions Art Gallery, Red Bison Studio, SAGE Community Arts’ Member Gallery, Main Frame, Gallery on Main (Dayton, WY), and The Hitching Post Gallery (Buffalo, WY). I am also an annual participant of the Washakie Museum Quickdraw in Worland, WY (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020).


Facebook: Polly, Paint and Pencil
Instagram: @polly_paint_and_pencil