During the mid-70s, Terry’s passion for art led her to numerous courses and workshops in life drawing, graphic design, and illustration, eventually culminating in a fine art career as a professional artist in 2009. Since then, she has earned awards and a museum purchase while exhibiting in 30 major museum shows along with several gallery group exhibitions. Her work, recently featured through Southwest Art Magazine, has been purchased by both corporate and private collectors across the nation. Residing in Bozeman, Montana, Terry’s contemporary style is a result of her West viewed through the lens of more than 30 years of work in design and illustration.

My three images represent the areas where I grew up and their influences on my style. I have lived my whole life in the West. As a result, this essence is contained in every one of my works, no matter the subject. The silhouette of the cowboy, the joyful spirit of the woman in the hat, and the ranch truck that has been running since the day it rolled out of the factory. These images are reflections of my everlasting passion for the spirit of the West.” Terry Cooke Hall