Veryl Goodnight is best known as a sculptor with more than 200 unique works and monuments worldwide. However, her career began as a wildlife painter in the early 1970’s and she is currently devoting more time to painting. Her paintings and bronzes have been represented multiple times in every major art magazine and have been featured in all of the prestigious museum exhibits including the Autry Masters in California and the Eiteljorg Quest For the West in Indiana and the NWR Bighorn Rendezvous at the Brinton Museum here in Wyoming.

COVID has kept me close to home with the exception of one June escape to Yellowstone.  There I enjoyed the abundance of new life as portrayed in “Age of Innocence” and “Red Calf Season.” My own home in SW Colorado, however, is a miniature Nature Preserve of its own. I spent the rest of the summer painting birds and animals on my own property.  “Dining Out” is a tongue in cheek title for the busy little chipmunks that swoop up the fallen sunflower seeds beneath the feeders. I do not enjoy cooking, so dining out has been sorely missed this year.’ Veryl Goodnight