Zufar’s passion for painting and plein air art has led him to avidly explore the American landscape for over a decade. A native of Russia, Zufar was influenced by his father’s unrealized dream to become a professional artist in Stalin era post WWII Soviet Union.

  “I was born in a big city in Russia, but since my early painting experiments, I have been influenced by famous landscape artists like Levitan, Serov, and Shishkin. I always admired the way artists see nature, tell the story without a word, even without a human figure present on the canvas. Love to the land we have, to the land we should care for, to the land we should leave to our children, this is what moves me to pick up my brush and start painting.
Planning travel to Wyoming, my first trip to the state ever, I was not sure will I just admire the beauty and grandeur of nature or will I feel that my own soul is a part of this all?
Being a plein air artist is a blessing.  Since the very first day here I explored and painted all that touched my heart and triggered artistic interest.
I fell in love with this place. I hope you can feel it in my paintings. Whether it’s the mountains or shy flowers of alpine meadows, vast plains, or clouds rushing through a giant dome of the sky, this all connected to my heart and now I can not imagine my life journey without this experience in Wyoming.
I am glad to be back with my paintings and to show my works at The Brinton Museum. I am looking forward to being back.” Zufar Bikbov