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April 14, 2020 - November 1, 2020

The Beverly Kleiber Video Project Created for The Brinton Museum

Chessney Sevier headshotChessney Sevier
plein air & equine painter & etcher



Takuwe Gallery Talk

Dr. Craig Howe of the Center for American Indian Research and Native Studies (CAIRNS) visited The Brinton Museum to discuss the Takuwe exhibit. Dr. Howe talked about curating the exhibit and expanded upon select pieces featured in the exhibit.

Click here to view the Takuwe Gallery Talk


George A. Rentschler Western Art Collection Video Series

The Brinton Museum presents one painting each week, beginning in May 2020 throughout the summer, from the George A. Rentschler Western Art Collection. The series features paintings by Henry Farny and Frederic Remington from the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming. The George A. Rentschler Western Art Collection is on exhibit at The Brinton Museum through Labor day 2020.

Painting of a woman sitting under an Indian burial pyreHenry Farny Episode 1
End of the Race




Painting of a peaceful Indian villageHenry Farny Episode 2
Wood, Water and Grass




painting of Indians in a tipi villageHenry Farny Episode 3
Pastures New




painting of Indians hiding behind a boulder with a wagon coming toward themHenry Farny Episode 4
The Ambuscade





Henry Farny Episode 5
Big Game in Sight




Henry Farny painting of Native Americans on horseback and walking along a canyon trailHenry Farny Episode 6
Old Buffalo Trail




Painting of an Indian man standing in a forest with a rifleHenry Farny Episode 7
Something Stirring & The Moose Horn




painting of a western dressed man with a gun standing in front of a horse laying on the groundHenry Farny Episode 8
Rounded up by God




Henry Farny Episode 9




Henry Farny Episode 10

Père Marquette
Into the Unknown



Oil painting of American Indians on horseback looking toward a train in the distanceHenry Farny Episode 11
The Thunder Horse




Painting of Indians traveling in a line with horsesHenry Farny Episode 12
On the Home Trail

Printmaking in the Rockies and on the Great Plains

Photo of printmaker Daryl Howard printingPrintmaking Techniques

The Brinton Museum’s inaugural print invitational “Printmaking in the Rockies and on the Great Plains” is a regional competition juried by nationally renowned artist Theodore Waddell. Thirty-three artists are represented with fifty-eight works shown in this special exhibition. Using selected works as examples we introduce you to some of the techniques of printmaking.



Photo of Chessney Sevier in the galleryGallery Talks with Printmaking Artists

Four local printmakers, Jandey Shackelford, Rede Ballard, Joel Ostlind, and Chessney Sevier, visited The Brinton Museum to chat about the printmaking process and what and/or who inspires their work.

 Their work was featured in The Brinton Museum’s inaugural juried print exhibition, “Printmaking in the Rockies and in the Great Plains”, through June 29, 2020.

Gallery Talks with Northern Trust Gallery Artists

John GiarrizzoArtist John Giarrizzo visited The Brinton Museum to discuss his career as a professor of art at Northwest College in Powell, WY, and the inspiration behind his exhibit, “Drawing in the Wild”.

CLICK HERE for more on “Drawing in the Wild” with John Giarrizzo.


Artist Ellen Dudley

Ellen Dudley visited the museum to give a personal tour of her exhibit “Morning Light in Mustang Pens”. CLICK HERE to follow along with Ellen as she describes her inspiration for this exhibit and her use of color and light.



Artist Vanessa ComptonA Virtual Artist’s Reception took place on Saturday, June 13 at 7:00 PM to celebrate Vanessa Compton’s exhibit “Good Luck Country”. CLICK HERE to view the reception video. (We apologize for the video quality. Closed captions are available.)

15th Illustrator Show - Tucker Books Read Aloud

Follow the adventures of Tucker, a beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, and his friends as they frolic through the seasons making every day and their time count.

Tucker’s Seasonal Words of Wisdom

Illustrations by Theodore Waddell
Text by Lynn Campion
Read by Lillian Sutphin

Tucker here. I live on a farm in Idaho next to the Big Wood River, at the end of a road lined with aspen and cottonwood trees. My closest friends are other Berners (we Bernese Dogs call ourselves Berners): Inge, Milli, Paddy, and Muffin. We love to watch all the animals around the farm: cows and horses, deer and elk, ducks and geese, foxes and coyotes, raccoons and skunks. I love every season of the year, especially Spring when the snow melts, the days get warmer, baby animals arrive, and there are lots of new smells for my sniffer. (Dogs have excellent noses for smelling!) I would like to share with you some of the things I have learned. Hope you like my book and all the fun adventures that I have every day.


Tucker Gets Tuckered

Illustrations by Theodore Waddell
Story by Ted Becksted
Read by Chloie Wardell

In this episode of children’s storybooks about Tucker, a lovable Bernese Mountain Dog, Tucker has lots of fun. Tucker gets around! He’s always looking for something to do. And guess what? He always finds it. Come along and see for yourself why Tucker gets so tuckered. Hope you like my book and all the fun adventures that I have every day.

Tucker Tees Off

Illustrations by Theodore Waddell
Poems and Rhymes by Lynn Campion and Stoney Brown
Read by Xavier Bishop

My name is Tucker and I’m a big Bernese Mountain Dog with big dreams. I live in Idaho on the family farm where I can wander around and watch everything. My owners, Ted and Lynn, introduced me to the game of golf, and oh boy do I like to watch that little white ball. In fact, if I can get good at this new game, I’ll be heading for the Canine Masters in no time. Maybe my various friends will join me there … we shall see.