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July 30, 2021 - August 30, 2021

Works by Jim Jurosek will be on display in the Northern Trust Gallery from July 31 to August 30, 2021!


An artist’s reception takes place on Saturday, July 31 from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Abstract oil painting

I like the process and challenge and even the struggle of painting. It resembles and mirrors the process of life because it is constant decision making, problem-solving, and trying to resolve situations in the work.  I try to improvise as I paint and allow spontaneity to lead the way.  I try to keep the paintings raw, untidy, even messy. I use ugly colors along with pretty colors.  I like to sort of mop the paint on, creating an untidy or even unfinished look.  I try to allow plenty of room for the unexpected, the unplanned, and the unpredictable.  Again, the process of painting resembles life’s processes.  Sometimes the things that I would want to cover up or hide or that I think are not good enough or should not be allowed in the painting turn out to be the best parts.  I like the freshness and freedom that can come into a work of art but that’s not always easy to allow to happen.  I like when my paintings have an unconstrained, ungoverned, or even uncertain look to them.   I usually work with quite a few layers in the paintings and I like to flatten things out rather than create the illusion of depth.  I like to work with the spatial relationships of colors, shapes, and lines.  I always hope that a little of the mystery of life creeps into the paintings.  My favorite painter is Richard Diebenkorn and I often look at the works of contemporary artists to try to get new ideas.  If I could paint like a first-grader, then I would really have something.  They are the best artists.” Jim Jurosek

Jim Jurosek

Photo of Jim JurosekJim Jurosek loves to paint, evident by the hundreds of canvases in his studio and storage. He started his career as a physics teacher but his creative side led him to art. His work is nonrepresentational and speaks to a freshness, an unpredictability that results in something beautiful. Jim describes his work as a journey, a process that guides the eye and hand to the finished piece.